Do you feel “off”? Do you know you need to improve your health? Any symptom is worth working on and trying to figure out the cause. Don’t just treat the symptom. Get to the cause. Often the symptom is due to a sluggish immune system. A good cleanse of your lymph system can make a world of difference. I am thankful for the LBG and ST-8 Oxygen Detoxification System and  how useful it is in helping people regain their health, prevent and/or reverse disease, and rid the body of pain and swelling. – Jen

Our technology is the utilization of electromagnetic fields, gases, waveforms, and quantum properties to produce a coherent signal carrying energy and information to create a positive biological effect. It is an energetic delivery system.

Electromagnetic Vitality

Each human body has its own unique make-up of trillions of electrically-charged cells that perform their daily cellular activities to keep the body functioning. All those electrically-charged cells together create the body’s electromagnetic signature, its blueprint.

Cells in a strong, healthy human body – commonly seen in young children – function at optimal performance with full electromagnetic vitality.


Eliminating “Dis-ease”

“Dis-ease” is alien to the body. A significant cause of physical and mental dis-ease is stress – hectic work conditions, toxic environments, stressful relationships, and constant exposure to electronic pollution caused by cell phone systems, computers, and all other electrical sources. Sustained stress causes your cells to work harder, rapidly losing their natural electromagnetic vitality. The immediate result is dis-ease at the cellular level … the long-term result: chronic disease in the mind and body … illness.

Nanogy Signaling focuses on strengthening the energetic potential of your body’s electromagnetic signature, thus enabling your body to function with renewed vigor and vitality; improving your quality of life, productivity, and well-being.

You are truly healthy when your body’s electromagnetic
signature is at its full potential.


The study of Energy Science dates back to many 19th and 20th Century pioneering scientists and electro-medicine researchers such as Albert Abrams, MD, Robert O. Becker, MD, Fritz Popp, PhD, Glen Rein, PhD, Eldon Byrd, PhD, Jeffrey Byrd, PhD, Dr. Neil Cherry, and Dr. Louis Pasteur.

Dr. Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams

Dr. Albert Abrams,, theorized that a disease condition puts out radioactivity incompatible with the body’s own radio signal by altering the polarity of the affected area and restoring the electrical balance to the diseased area that could provide wellness to the disturbed location.

Dr. Robert O. Becker

Dr. Robert O. Becker

Dr. Robert Becker found clues to the healing process in the long discarded theory of the 18th Century vitalists that electricity is vital to the life process. In his book, The Body Electric, he states that the perineural cells of the CNS have been shown to have some properties analogous to semi conductivity and have been identified as responsible of the production and transmission of steady or slowly varying electrical currents within that tissue. This electrical activity has many characteristics of an organized data transmission and control system, with input parameters consisting of injury to the organism and controlled output functions of growth and healing as well as a “biasing” action upon the function of the neurons proper. Specific solid state electronic properties of the bone matrix have been identified, which constitutes a “self-organizing system” that produces bone growth in response to applied mechanical stress.

Growth functions, both in response to injury, mediated through the nervous system, DC electrical activity, and in response to mechanical stress to bone, mediated through the piezo-electric properties of the bone matrix, operate by means of cellular responses to very low-level electrical currents of appropriate polarity. This has been determined to be, at least in part, mediated through an initial action upon the cell membrane, with subsequent activation of the internal DNA-RNA mechanism of the cell.

Dr. Fritz Popp

Dr. Fritz Popp

Dr. Fritz Popp, biophysicist and professor, confirmed that all living organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This phenomena is common to all forms of cells and is called “biophoton emission” a topical field of modern science concerning a weak light emission from biological systems.

Dr. Glen Rein, Director, Quantum Biology Research Lab and

Dr. Glen Rein

Research Scientist, Estee Lauder, suggests that externally applied quantum fields produce biological effects at the cellular level (the bioenergy field) is composed of embedded layers of electromagnetic and quantum fields. The healing process is defined as the expansion of a fundamental higher dimensional energy source as it informs the denser layers around it, eventually reaching and healing the physical body.

Dr. Eldon Byrd

Dr. Eldon Byrd (1939-2002) was an Electrical and Medical Engineer with academic degrees from both Purdue University and George Washington University. He was a POLARIS submarine expert for industry, and held various positions in the US Government, including Strategic Systems Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Cryogenic Engineer, Head of the Department of Defense Environmental Projects Office, Project Manager for the Navy’s Metal Matrix Composites Program, and Project Manager of the Marine Corps Non-Lethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project. He was considered to be an expert in the biological effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields and authored many professional papers and reports on the subject.

Dr. Jeffrey Byrd

Dr. Jeffrey Byrd

Dr. Jeffrey Byrd has been involved in scientific research and development for more than 20 years, having concentrated in the study of the effects of electromagnetic fields on biological organisms. Dr. Byrd has researched and developed a wide array of scientific equipment and has been instrumental in developing many products in this field and has written and published several scientific papers on the subject. His educational background, including a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in computer engineering and a PhD in computer information technology has given him the foundation for taking existing technologies and bringing them into the 21st Century utilizing leading-edge advancements in computer technologies.

Dr. Neil Cherry (1946-2003) was a New Zealand environmental scientist who specialized in the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health. Dr. Cherry’s research has been a pinnacle of importance in the creation of many electro medical-type devices to promote health and well-being. He was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2002 for his outstanding service to environmental science, local government and the community. The scientific community owes a great deal to the outstanding research efforts of this pioneer.

Louis Pasteur

Dr. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), a French chemist and microbiologist, found that a beam of polarized light when rotated through a pure solution of naturally produced organic nutrients would move both right and left but would not rotate through artificially synthesized organic nutrients. He also postulated the germ theory of disease as disease arises from germs attacking the body from outside. Dr. Pasteur is considered the “father of molecular medicine” and is best known to us today as the “father of bacteriology”.

Research and development is vital to the success of Nanogy Signaling and the manufacturing of our products. Some of our technology and product research includes: Communications, Agriculture, Health, Beauty and Support Systems.

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