Our Company

Nanogy Signaling is the culmination of more than 27 years of international research by scientists of many disciplines. Together, this team has developed a line of technology and scalar frequency products.

Nanogy Signaling has established associations with the pioneering scientists of our time, purchased entire libraries and works from scientists who are now deceased, and joint ventured with the top laboratories worldwide, such as Dr. Valerie Hunt, director of the Physiology Dept at UCLA for over 16 years, joint ventures with Nanogy Signaling to research field and scalar quantums. The Company’s work is vital to mathematically establishing the fractal organization of space and chaos in the mind field. Dr. Hunt is internationally acclaimed and brings new and innovative thought to the old paradigm of healing.

Other scientists with whom Nanogy Signaling has built a strong working relationship over the years are evaluated as to whether they are kept as part of the ongoing Nanogy Signaling team, or kept in a contract capacity. They become a visiting scientist or researcher and are housed outside, or use facilities in our office.

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