Action Lymphatics

This is wonderful technology. Just remember that your health is up to you – your doctor is there for sickness, disease, or an accident. Learning how to prevent disease is worth every minute and every dime you spend. I pray this will encourage you to learn about this technology and let your Wellness Educator keep you healthy for your life! – Jen

The Purpose

The technology in this compact series accelerates body detoxification by delivering the harmonic sweep of all frequencies that are known to re-establish lymphatic circulation and resolve many chronic health issues. The Mini comes with two probes (Model AL2) and four probes (Model AL4), is easy to operate, travels well and affordably priced.

The  product was developed so that we could offer surface mount printed circuit boards and other economical manufacturing effects to reduce the price dramatically, and therefore, make the equipment more affordable.

Action Lymphatics Pics
Lymph System Overview





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